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How a mini-forum can help you let go

Letting go is much easier if you share the experience with a small group of friends who have all read the The Power of Letting Go**. We have tried it in mini online forums consisting of 3-6 people. We reached consensus about letting go of our ego’s duck-pond perspective on life and looking at life from the perspective of the ocean. We helped each other to let go by sharing our experiences of both the ups and the downs. We all found it immensely helpful with a small group of people you can trust and open up with, who you know are on the same journey as you: discovering the power of letting go and simply being guided by life.

The success of these mini forums, which were initiated by Andrea Moretti Adimari, has at times been breath-taking. We made big leaps, discovering that the fear of letting go of the trapeze was an illusion. We found ourselves landing while feeling, if anything, more secure than ever before. It has been inspiring to share our experiences, which range from the benefits of meditation to letting go of the illusion of control in our private lives. One of the many benefits of sharing the journey of letting go is that you often discover your own blind spots, such as your ego and the stories you tell about yourself, by helping others let go of theirs. It’s also fun! Every time I let go of a blind spot life feels lighter and brighter. It’s a great help to have friends you can trust who push you to discover them.

If you have read The Power of Letting Go and would like to start the exciting journey of discovering blind spots that are holding you back, I strongly recommend you do what we did, which is to share the experience of letting go in mini-forums on Facebook Messenger. A gentle reminder to meditate can make a big difference each day, even when we believe we do not have the time. You can also rejoice and feel inspired by a story from another member of the team who has succeeded in letting go of the illusion of control and found how life simply flowed, and presented them with all the solutions.

I am immensely grateful to Andrea for starting the mini-forums. I have benefited enormously from discovering blind spots which were holding me back. Letting go has made me more daring and more optimistic, trusting that things will sort themselves out even though I have no idea how. So far I have not been disappointed. In fact, my life could not be better than it is at the moment. Lots of new wonderful people have entered my life and new connections are being formed. No one could be less concerned than I am about where it will take me. I am fully engrossed, enjoying the journey.

The post appeared on www.johnpurkiss.com

* Susanna’s LinkedIn page is here.

**John Purkiss, 2017