`The central idea of economics, even when its Foundations alone are under discussion, must be that of a living force and movement.' Alfred Marshall  Principles of Economics (1890)

Solutions in nature have two characteristics:

1. balanced life styles, sleep recreation and work

2. and evolution of biodiversity and more advanced forms of life 

The main concern today is that we have achieved the opposite

1. sleep deprivation is a health epidemic

2. unsustainability is largely due to lacking in progress

Why has a belief that being motivated by the selfish pursuit of money resulted in this?

There is a simple explanation to this.

Money makes us greedy instead of generous, since money is about valuing what is scarce

 fearful instead of purposeful, since we cannot know what will pay in the future lazy instead of intrinsically motivated, since we focus on what we will get for certain rather than what we will achieve that is of value for others.

When we let go of fear, greed and laziness and enter the zone of inspiration we become maximally creative and go with the flow of life that according to Marshall was most central to economics.